Sign boards

Sign board is a capacious term which is characterized by one of the element of outdoor advertising. There are a lot of defenitions of the term "sign board", e.g: "Sign board is a text string on the elevation of building that shows the title or the main field of work of any company".

Also a combination of outdoor advertising elements (frieze, lightboxes, volume letters etc.), that combines a unity item, can be defined as Sign board.

We offer:

1. Sign boards without illumination

Materials from Germany are used for the production: PVC, plastic, acrylic resin, vinyl self-adhesive film. Sign boards can also be produced by means of overlaying flat or volume elements on the main surface of construction.

2. Sign boards with external illumination

They have the advantage in comparison with sign boards without it. They are more effective because they exert more influence on clients. It happens because they are well visible in the nighttime. Original light illumination will increase your chances to attract new clients and will point out your corporate identity.

3. Sign boards with internal illumination

It is a lightbox of any shape and any size. A front panel is semitransparent and made from acrylic glass or polycarbonate. A back panel is used for binding lamps and wires. Other sides of the lightbox can be made from plastic or aluminium profile painted or overlaid with pressure sensitive adhesive. Volume letters and other decoration elements can be used.