Portable Pop-up systems

Portable Pop-up system is a business-class easy to assemble stand which consist of connected aluminium tubes.

The principle of unfolding is very easy bearing an unfolding of an umbrella.

They keep their assembled shape due to ribbed stiffeners - metal planks with a magnetic band.

The main benefit of portable pop-up systems is a large (2x3m) ad poster with no junctions making indelible impression on visitors.


Construction Picture Dimensions, cm
Weight, kg Price, BYR
Pop-Up 1x3
(straight, curved)
223x119x38 6 2 390 000
Pop-Up 2x3
(straight, curved)
223x186x50 8 3 690 000
Pop-Up 3x3
(straight, curved)
223x252x61 10 4 690 000
Pop-Up 4x3
(straight, curved)
223x310x82 13 5 490 000