Lightbox is a closed construction (thickness is 90-180mm) with internal light.

Lightboxes are the most widespread in our cities because they are the most informative advertizing media in the daytime and in the nighttime. Blacket panels, pointers, sign boards on the elevation of buildings and roofs, light boards on filling stations, light boxes in shop windows - it is not the full list of different types of lightboxes.

Lightboxes can have almost any geometrical shape and it helps to stand out against a background of competitor's ads. Lightboxes can be double-sided. This kind of lightboxes is placed perpendicular to a street or a facade. It gives good ability to view it.

We use german profile "Quattro" from PVC:

Size Color Corner
90 mm White
130 mm Straight, rounded
180 mm Straight

We offer the following types of Lightboxes:

1. One-sided (square shape).

2. Double-sided (on a metal blacket, square shape).

3. Irregular shape (elipses, polygons, trapezium) - we also make one-sided and double-sided lightboxes.

Irregular and thick lightboxes are calculated individually in compliance with:
- difficult picture;
- difficult construction;
- with binding not for walls (e.g. for post, ceiling).